A Keurig coffee machine can be a blessing in disguise in ways beyond you imagined! Apart from making fantastic coffee, the Keurig machines are versatile ones that you can use in many other ways! Whether cooking some oatmeal or making some ramen, you can do it all if you’ve got your hands on a Keurig machine!

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In this Keurig informative article, we will be talking about all the different ways you can use the Keurig coffee maker, how to work a Keurig coffee maker and how to turn off descale light on Keurig supreme. There are ten ways you can work your versatile Keurig machine, and we will jump into all the methods one by one.

1. Make yourself some delicious Ramen!

Now, Ramen is something fancied by college students all over the world. Of course, when you can’t have a decent home-cooked meal and the deadline for your assignment is approaching, can you be bothered to cook something extravagant? I think not!

Luckily, if you have a Keurig coffee machine or Keurig mini, you can use it to your advantage and make some fantastic ramen noodles! If your hall or dorm has nothing but a coffee machine, then you can still make some great meals.

Just put the raw Ramen to a boil and place the bowl under the dispenser where you place your cup. Then, start the brewer but do not put a coffee pod inside it. This way, it will dispense some hot water into the bowl! You can press the button three times or more until you have the desired amount of water and your noodles are soft enough to eat.

Then mix the noodles and water. Drain the excess water from the bowl and add in your ramen seasoning. Voila! You’ve made Ramen using just your Keurig!

2. Make yourself some Cold-coffees

When you don’t want the cosy feeling of being in a café but still need your dose of caffeine, you can spice it up by using your Keurig to make some delicious cold drinks. Working that is quite simple, and no rocket science is needed.

I’m pretty sure everyone has some icecubes available in their fridges. The next step will be quite easy if you know how to use Keurig single-serve. Put some ice cubes into a glass or mug, insert a pod, turn on the brewer, and the coffee will be over ice! The freshly brewed coffee coupled with ice makes a remarkable combination. You can also add some chocolate or cocoa powder into it for a better and sweeter taste (if you prefer that, of course).

If you want something other than cold coffee, get the K-cups for the different iced tea flavours and insert them to get some refreshing iced tea in an instant.

3. Make yourself Hot Chocolate

Apart from K-cups for coffee and K-cups for iced teas, some are available to make delicious hot chocolate! While some of you may be reluctant to ditch the stove heating and marshmallow melting technique, this technique is way better.

You will need to get a K-cup for hot chocolate (whatever kind you like), and your machine will be releasing some delectable hot chocolate in an instant! So for those cosy winter evenings where you want a relaxing time, the Keurig can be your best friend and can save you from the torments of washing a saucepan with melted marshmallows and stuck chocolate!

4. Make yourself tea

Let’s put the K-cups aside for a minute. Imagine that you’re tired of the same old cappuccino and espresso shots and just wanted something mild and soothing. What better way to soothe yourself than by sipping some relaxing tea? And hey, you can use your Keurig to make some of that too.

You don’t need to get a K-cup. There is a wide assortment of tea bags available in the market. You can just get some chamomile tea bags or any other kind of teabags.

Put a mug under the Keurig dispenser, and do not insert a pod. Let the brewer run, and it will pour hot steaming water into your cup. Put the teabag in, dip it inside and out a few times, add some sugar (if you like), and you are good to go! Enjoy your tea.

5. For breakfast Oatmeal

Coffee isn’t the only breakfast you can have with your Keurig as long as you know how to use single-serve Keurig, or if you know how does a Keurig works, you can have a bowl of oatmeal as well as some energizing cappuccino in the morning.

Just use the same hot water technique we discussed for the Ramen. Without a pod, run the brewer, and it will pour hot water into the bowl you placed under the dispenser. Add raw oatmeal into it, mix, and you will have some fantastic oatmeal. Then use the Keurig to make some cappuccino and enjoy a simple yet energizing breakfast.

6. Making Cocktails

Did you know that Keurig even has a cocktail-making machine? Well, even if you didn’t know, you know now! You can make some delicious cocktails to amp up your parties!

It collects pod doses and transforms them into full-fledged cocktails, complete with liquor. It is also Bluetooth Enabled to communicate with a connected iOS app, which allows you to see what the machine is doing. You can even use it to purchase pod refills and handle issues related to the machine! It even has a touchpad, allowing users to make beverages without touching the software.

There are three drinks available: 3.9 ounces, 6.5 ounces, and 8.1 ounces. The length of time it needs to prepare a drink differs. For instance, one drink may take roughly 50 seconds to make, whereas another one may take only 30 seconds. Because there is no rubbish container, users will have to physically remove the produced pods from the device.
If you’re dying for an easy fix and require some cocktails without the labour, get your hands on this Keurig machine as soon as possible!

7. Making basic pasta

While you can make some instant mac and cheese instantly the same way you make oatmeal in a Keurig coffee machine, you can even cook yourself some basic pasta! Now, of course, making pasta in a Keurig won’t be a quick task, and you will have to let the pasta sit in hot water for a while and might even need to pour more and more hot water until it softens.

Still, if you have some pasta seasoning (marinara sauce or any other), some oil, salt and pepper, you can make some fantastic pasta!

So again, without inserting a pod into the machine, run the brewer and place the pasta in a bowl under the dispenser. After the bowl is filled, let the pasta soak and sit in hot water for a while. When the water becomes cold, throw it away and fill the bowl with hot water from the dispenser again. Repeat this until your pasta is cooked.

Then, while the pasta is hot and cooked, put butter and oil over it as well as your preferred seasoning. Mix and enjoy some great basic pasta!

8. Baby Cereal Can be made too

Is your little one not giving you a chance to look after the kitchen? Well, you can save yourself from one more dirty pot by just making your baby’s cereal directly in his bowl with hot water from the Keurig dispenser!

So back to the same old trick! Leave the pod out and start the dispenser. Your bowl with powdered baby food should be just where you normally put your cup. Let the hot water pour in, mix, and your baby’s meal is all ready!

9. Making Cider

With Keurig, the best part is that there are K-cups for all your favourite drinks! So if you like some hot cider, buy the Keurig hot cider K-cup as soon as you can and brew yourself some great single-serve cider! Yep, anything is possible with the Keurig machines!

10. Cooking rice

Tired of pasta and want something different? Well, those rice cravings sure do hit differently. Luckily, you can make yourself a single serving of rice using just your Keurig coffee maker! It’s pretty simple. It is actually much like the pasta making recipe.

Just let the hot water from the dispenser pour into a mug of rice. Let the water and rice sit for 5 minutes. Repeat the hot water pouring and draining process until the rice is soft. Now you have a yummy serving of boiled rice. You can add all your favourite seasonings to it along with some butter and enjoy a quick meal!

Watch this video to learn how to use coffee grounds in your Keurig

Keurig Coffee Maker: How to Use

You’ll have to assemble your Keurig 2.0 and run water throughout its internal parts before using it for the first brew. Retrieve the Keurig coffee maker from its box, untape a few of the parts, and connect it all in.

  1. Remove the shipment disc if the brewer came with one and raise the handle. But don’t just toss out the shipping Disc and box or any other protective packing. When you’re moving, giving/selling it to somebody else, or returning it to the producer, you might need to return it or give it with full packaging.
  2. Disconnect the water reservoir and wash it in water and some soap so that any residue on the water entering point is gone. You can even clean it using a sponge or cloth. However, skip this step if your Keurig has no removable reservoir
  3. Now you will have to prime the water filter (charcoal) if your coffee maker has one. So just run cool water on it for a minute or two.
  4. Then we recommend that you soak it in water for ten minutes, so it gets clean. Then massage it lightly to get rid of excess particles.
  5. Slip the charcoal water filter into the lever of the filtration system and into the tank or reservoir. Again, you will skip this step if your Keurig does not have a charcoal filter.
  6. Put the charcoal filter on the lower section. Secure it with the lid, and put the water filter into the tank.
  7. Now it’s time to run water through the reservoir. So fill the water reservoir to its maximum fill line. For those with a charcoal filter, you can use tap water because the filter will clean the water anyways. But you will have to fill the water tank with filtered water if you don’t have a filtration system on your Keurig.
  8. Allow for the pre-heating to finish after pressing the power button.
  9. Put a cap on the drip tray. Before putting a Keurig coffee bean or pod, raise and release the handle. Select the largest brew size. But remember that the mug on the dispenser should be able to accommodate that size.
  10. Now, press the brew button. This entire process will allow water to flow through the entire system and will be clean.
  11. Now that the whole system is clean, you can add in pods and make actual coffee!
  12. The Keurig carafe is required for K-Carafe pods. There really are scores of them available. There are hundreds of various K-Cups to choose from, but not all of them will work with your Keurig type. So, before you buy a pod, do your homework.
  13. Next, raise the lever, insert the pod, and descend it. The Keurig gadget penetrates the top and bottom after the pod is placed and the handle is lowered.
  14. Lastly, just toggle the settings and select your brew size, bold selector, brew temperature and the type of beverage you want. Wait till it’s ready, and you’ll have a steaming cup of your favourite beverage in just a few minutes!

Now that you know how to use use a mini Keurig, how to use a Keurig 2.0 and other Keurig coffee machines, you can make some fantastic treats for yourself! Indeed, these machines are versatile and are the embodiment of value for money.

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