We started this blog as a team of coffee enthusiasts that wanted to help others around the world get their hands on the best new equipment for making quality coffee at home. When I started this blog, it was with a few friends that were as passionate about brewing as I was. We were tired of going down to our local cafes to get a good cup of coffee and we wanted to get the best new products that would help us brew up something better at home.

We consulted with a few local baristas, we all bought different coffee makers and we all ended up with different tools for roasting, grinding and storing coffee. I found that my setup worked okay, but we all could have saved some money if we combined elements of our coffee brewing tools to make the ultimate setup!

To save other people time and to share our passions with the world we created this blog. We are going t focus on our favorite stories about our coffee makers, the best new machines that we have been trying on the market as well as the best new roasters worldwide. The goal is to become the best new consumer source to learn everything about how to brew great coffee, how to use your coffee maker more effectively and how to find the best new espresso machines and coffee makers.

If you are tired of going down to your local café or drinking stale coffee from a local chain, we have got you covered with the latest reviews and helpful information to get the best coffee equipment at any budget.

You can spend a lot to brew great coffee at home, but with our advice, you can make sure you are getting the best products that fall within your budget!